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Client Testimonials

Some of our clients and things they have to say about us. Each client listed here has given their permission to feature in this section of our website and has genuinely provided their comments as below. In no particular order:

Anthony Gore Limited - Lawyers, on our Business Development Trifecta

"In 2017 Jim took me through a Complimentary Client Review and Business Plan meeting. This was a great opportunity to think deeply about my business, what we do and what we should be doing. Jim promptly followed up with meeting minutes and a Business Plan to assist with on-going development of my business and its alignment with my personal goals. Jim is a great accountant but he also thinks and cares about his clients and their personal aspirations and this is a great way to help them achieve that.

Tony Gore - Director, Anthony Gore Limited".

New Zealand Elliott-Tamagni LLC

"Coming from the States and being a novice to New Zealand Tax laws and business practices I could have been in a spot had I not found Jim Bell in 2000. As a foundation for his business, Jim's integrity is beyond reproach. But to build on that foundation of integrity you need customer service and Jim and his employees have customer service in their blood. When Jim says you'll get something from him, you don't have to follow up. It will be there at the appointed time. If I have a question about New Zealand Tax Law, Jim will sit down and patiently explain how it works until I understand it, even if I've asked the same question twice before. I know that when I talk to Jim I'll be tapping into a creative mind that's proactive, giving me the best in professional service and advice. I only wish I could find someone like Jim in the States. My life would be so much easier.

Ron Elliott".

Shoe Science Limited

"James Bell Accounting has provided excellent accounting support and advice in not only the legal requirements of tax returns but also in helping us format the structure of Shoe Science in terms of trusts etc. It is also great that Jim Bell is accessible when you need to either get him on the phone or see him in person which makes getting things done a lot easier. We would have no hesitation in recommending JBA to other companies."

Film Crew Services (1997) Limited

"If it weren't for Jim helping me start out freelancing in the Film Industry, I would have been unable to purchase New Zealand's only Film Crew Freelancers Agency back in 1997. Jim has given me endless priceless advice over the years, and has also become a friend and confidant in many other financial areas of my life.

Sioux Macdonald, Director, Film Crew Services (1997) Ltd".

Bayco Limited

"We have utilised the services of James Bell Accounting Ltd for over 18 years and have always found our dealings with them to be professional. As our business progressed their financial advice was invaluable, and appropriately we have taken advantage of their Nominee service to manage our family Trust.

Tony Hurt, Director, Bayco Ltd".

Anthony Gore Limited - Lawyers

"Jim and his team have very capably looked after my business and personal accounting work for many years. Since I set up my own practice in 2011 Jim has proved to be an even more valuable mentor and his advice has been of great value to the growth of my legal practice. He has introduced a number of systems which save me a lot of time and help my business all for very reasonable prices. I have no hesitation in recommending Jim and his team to prospective clients.  

Tony Gore - Director, Anthony Gore Ltd".

Malcolm Miller

"I have been  a client of Jim for a number of years. I have always found him to be knowledgeable, courteous and efficient. His service is always thorough, professional and reasonably priced. It is a pleasure to deal with Jim, who I have the ultimate trust in. He is like a family member or close friend. I highly recommend his services"

Roger Franklin - Barfoot & Thompson

"JBA accounting has been my accountant of choice for the past 14 years (as at 2020) and during this time I have found Jim and his team to be very professional and approachable. Jim has always made himself available for his advice and meetings, some after hours, whether it be at the Albany or Newmarket office. Jim has helped my business grow over the past 11 years with his vast skill set and knowledge of his trade, which he has helped steer me in the right direction.

I would have no hesitation in referring people towards the services of Jim and his team at JBA accounting".

Terracon Industries Ltd

"Respectively Jim has been my Accountant circa 20+ years of which Jim and his team has completed extensive and varying degrees of Accounting work and more importantly general Business development and Business planning. Over the years we have received consistent reliable service by all forms of media contact either fax, phone, email and personal site visits.

For further reference feel free any time to contact Nigel Campbell, Terracon Industries Ltd, 021-743393".

Birdseye Limited

"We moved our accounting business to James Bell Accounting in 2008. Jim and his team have provided superb service over the past 9 years. They have provided timely thoughtful specialist financial advice whenever that has been required and the annual accounts and tax requirements are always filed accurately and on time. In the beginning Jim was able to bring our systems into shape and offered us the direction we needed to optimise our tax liabilities. Ultimately I believe a CA firm is there to serve the needs of its clients' business and I believe that James Bell Accounting meets this criteria brilliantly. Thank you Jim.

Michael Bird, Director Birdseye Ltd".

Anthony Gore Limited - Lawyers - on our Business MatesTM Service Plans

"JBA introduced us to Xero "in the cloud accounting software" as an excellent way of providing accounting data to JBA on a daily basis for the preparation of our accounts via JBA's Business MatesTM services plans. Initially, our Xero reports were prepared on a cash basis. However, on JBA's recommendation we switched to accruals-based reporting especially for our monthly management reports. These accrual-based management reports provide, on a monthly basis, an accurate estimate of provisional tax payable by our firm and enable us to cash flow the payment of provisional tax and avoid heavy unexpected lump-sum payments. We highly recommend the adoption of accruals-based management reporting using the Xero platform prepared by JBA. It has certainly been of great benefit to our firm. 
Tony Gore - Director, Anthony Gore Ltd".

Jennifer Butcher

"Jim Bell has been my accountant for over 22 years now (as at September 2020).  He and his team have provided excellent service for me as an individual, and also for my Trust.  He has prepared the annual accounts and dealt with the accountancy side of my property transaction.  His nominee company South Pacific Nominees Ltd also acts as a Trustee of my Trust.   Jim also doesn't hesitate to offer accountancy related advice and answer my questions. (I am a contractor in the NZ Film & Television industry so, my accounts are not always straightforward.)  Jim and his team are always friendly and approachable, and I am very grateful for their service, help and friendship over the years.

Yours faithfully,

Jennifer Butcher, 1st Assistant Director, Film & Television"

Power Hender & Associates Limited

"To whom it may concern,

Jim Bell came highly recommended to me when I embarked on contract work, some years ago.  With his professional yet approachable manner, Jim is knowledgeable, thorough, proactive with his advice and responsive. In my experience, JBAL has lived up to its reputation and I cannot recommend Jim and his team highly enough.

Martin Hender - Director, Power Hender & Associates Ltd".

Carmen Grant-Cairns

 "Hi Jim, I have registered and look forward to attending all your future webinars. I have watched a few of your previous ones from your website already and I think they are great! I have a business course workshop and I  will forward on how great your service was to me this morning.

Jim, my husband and I come from relatively "poor" families. No one in our immediate families even owns a home. We have decided to break the cycle and be the change our daughters ages 2 and 3 so desperately need. To allow us free access's to your webinars that include your many years of experience in order to allow people like us to succeed in life, that to us, is an immeasurable form of kindness. Thank you.

Carmen Grant-Cairns


Lansdowne House Limited

"We have been associated with Jim Bell and his organisation since the very early days of his business. It is testimony to Jim's skill, business acumen and attention to detail, not to mention his friendly, amiable manner, that we are still clients all these years later, even though our current business Lansdowne House Ltd, a weddings and function centre as well as a luxury B&B takes us to Masterton, a long way from Auckland! We are very appreciative of the effort and support from Jim and all his staff.

Kadia Merralls - Director, Lansdowne House Ltd".


We have acted for all of these clients for a number of years – many over 25 years. Some are indeed "foundation clients" – clients whom joined the firm in our first year of business. Our clients vary in size, from turnovers in the low hundreds of thousands of dollars, to turnovers in the millions.

Of course, we serve many other clients not listed here as well. Our associations with each and every one of our clients are associations we value. We get a buzz from assisting them improve their businesses and meet their business, financial and personal goals. We're not merely accountants - we're here to make a real difference to our clients!


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