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Jim Bell
C.A. - Director
Chartered Accountant, Business BettermentTM Professional, Professional Trustee
& Trusted Advisor

Jim has extensive experience in public practice. Before forming his own professional firm in 1991, he spent 9 years in accountants' offices in Auckland, as well as 2 further years working in senior positions in accountants' offices in Europe - 1 year in a prestigious London firm of accountants and 1 year in a reputable Jersey (Channel Islands) - tax haven - firm.

Jim enjoys and specialises in advising a diverse range of clients on taxation issues, business structuring issues, business purchase and sale transactions, management reporting, wealth protection issues and business betterment - providing his clients with better businesses! He is a respected and trusted advisor. His client portfolio includes SME's (small/medium enterprises): small/medium sized companies and professional firms, right down to small one-man bands, sporting stars, entertainers and those behind the camera. He has a wide range of experience, covering a vast range of industries. He is particularly keen on the Business Development of his clients and to this end continues to steer the firm in this direction and work with his clients to improve and grow their businesses and to meet their lifestyle requirements.

Jim's vast experience and personal accessibility to other specialist professionals, both in New Zealand and offshore, place him in the ideal position to support and act for clients of all sizes.

As expected, Jim is and has been for many years a full member of Chartered Accountants Australia & New Zealand ("CAANZ"), the pre-eminent body of professional accountants in New Zealand and Australia (previously known as the New Zealand Institute of Chartered Accountants).

Outside the office, Jim is a sporting enthusiast as well as keen (amateur!) guitarist. Having been a past New Zealand representative trialist as a coxswain, he keeps a keen eye on New Zealand's rowers, while also enjoying following rugby, cricket and football to name but a few sports! He is married, has 5 children, all except one grown up by now, and is a keen guitarist, playing rock and blues on both acoustic and electric guitars. Sadly, a career as a rock star seems unattainable!

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