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Staff Profiles

Jim Bell
C.A. - Director
Chartered Accountant, Business BettermentTM Professional, Professional Trustee & Trusted Advisor

Jim has extensive experience in public practice. Before forming his own professional firm in 1991, he spent 9 years in accountants' offices in Auckland, as well as 2 further years working in senior positions in accountants' offices in Europe - 1 year in a prestigious London firm of accountants and 1 year in a reputable Jersey (Channel Islands) - tax haven - firm.

Josh Huang
BB, GradDipBus - Professional Accountant & Business BettermentTM Professional

Josh manages the ever-growing Chinese division within the firm. He came to New Zealand in 2003. Originally from China, he graduated in New Zealand with a Bachelor of Business degree in 2007. He has previously worked in the Chartered Accounting profession prior to joining JBA. He worked in the Business Advisory division of an Auckland firm for a number of years .


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